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This multimedia lesson teaches how to use key images and music to convey a theme in a personal photo story narrative


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Music  


7, 8  

Title – Theme and Music with Photo Story
By – John
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Music, Art
Grade Level – 7 – 8

Concept/Topic to Teach:

    Using multimedia (images and music) to convey a theme in a personal narrative.

Standards Addressed:

      Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Standards for Technology Education/Industrial Technology Education for Middle School (

    ) including 123.12.C.13. B-C.

General Goal(s):

  • Students will identify key images that convey a narrative from a multimedia presentation.
  • Students will evaluate audio and visual techniques consistent with industry standards.

Specific Objectives:

  • Given a prepared 3-minute multimedia narrative on Photo Story 3, students will identify the primary theme of the message.
  • Given a prepared 3-minute multimedia narrative on Photo Story 3, students will identify musical contributions to the mood and theme of the story.
  • Given a prepared 3-minute multimedia narrative on Photo Story 3, students will evaluate the images for consistency to the theme and identify 3 slides that should be deleted from the story, because they do not fit the theme.
  • Students will create a storyboard on a personal narrative, and select 10 images from their own collections for a future Photo Story 3 presentation.

Required Materials:

  • Access to a PC running Windows Photo Story 3 (one per student)
  • URL of web-based Photo Story sample.
  • Paper and pen (each student)

Anticipatory Lead-In:

    Teacher will give background of sample project, then ask each student to click on URL.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

  1. Teacher will explain and give examples of “theme”.
  2. Students will form small groups, and identify the “theme” of the presentation.
  3. Each group will identify at least one theme in the presentation, and discuss the music choice and whether it enhanced the message, or detracted.
  4. Students, in groups, will choose three slides to be deleted from the set. Group reporters will explain their choices to the group.
  5. Working individually, students will identify a theme for their own project, and begin a storyboard using paper and pen.

Plan for Independent Practice:

    Students will search for other Photo Story presentations on the internet, and examine background music, and extraneous slides.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

  • The teacher will open the Photo Story project, and substitute new music at students’ suggestions.
  • Teacher will delete extraneous slides that have been selected by at least two groups.
  • Project will be exported and re-posted and reviewed by students.

Adaptations (For Students with Learning Disabilities):

  • Slower students will begin storyboarding immediately, and select music for the background.
  • They will report why they chose that background music selection, and what the theme of their project will be.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):

  • Students will search for appropriate videos involving only music (no dialogue or narration).
  • They will use video editing software to delete the music track, and change the background music to change the mood and theme of the work.

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