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Students learn how to create the drop cap on the first letter of a paragraph here while reflecting on New Year’s resolutions and goals


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Seasonal  


5, 6  

New Year’s Reflections and Drop Cap Instructions
By – Barbara Stephens
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-6


  • The student will learn how to create the drop cap on the first letter of his paragraph.
  • The student will begin to develop the skills of self-reflection and of putting thoughts into language.


  • The student is instructed to use MS Word to:
    • Create a paragraph reflecting on the previous year.
    • Write goals for the new year consisting of learning new skills, creating new relationships with others and growing as a person.
  • When the paragraph is complete, the drop cap application will be instructed.
  • Drop Cap Instructions:
    1. Click anywhere in the paragraph whose first letter you want to “drop.” In this lesson, it will be the first letter of the paragraph
    2. Choose “Format” from the tool bar and go to “Drop Cap”
    3. Chose a font from the font “Drop Cap Down” list.
    4. In the “Lines to drop” scull boss, choose how many text lines the letter should “drop on.”
    5. Click “Okay.”
  • When the student has spell checked his work print out the paragraph.
  • Provide an envelope and have the student place his paragraph in his envelope. Take it home and save to be opened in a year.

Note: This is a fun lesson for the students, plus it encourages creativity, writing, keyboarding, Microsoft Word and thinking skills.

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