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This is a lesson to teach students how to use the Microsoft PowerPoint program


Computers & Internet  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Learning to use the Power Point Program
By – Lisa T. Byrnes
Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 9-12
Lesson Purpose: Students will learn how to create a Power Point Presentation.

Lesson Objectives:
1. Become acquainted with the power Point Program.
2. Describe the basic features of the Power Point Program.
3. Create and Select a presentation style.
4. Create a short five slide Presentation.

Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction):
Develop lesson content, create interest by showing students an example of a Local History Power Point Presentation that the Teacher Created .

Supporting Web Information – Activity 1:
Johnstown Pa webpage –
Power Point Helps and Tools –

Lesson Activity #2:
Students will get into groups and discuss reason why Power Point Presentations are beneficial, each group is expected to come up with six reason for use of a powerpoint presentation. This will be important for students to gain an understanding of the many uses of the program. Each group will List two Ideas on the board of why a power point presentation should be used, this will create a discussion of uses and also raise student interest in the subject area.

Students will be given the hand out from the webpage, which is designed to introduce them into the Powerpoint environment. Students will complete the hand out and the quiz questions that follow each section.

Supporting Web Information – Activity 3:
Meeting PowerPoint:
Lesson Activity #4 Students will be taken through guided practice of the following skills: changing backgrounds, transitions, builds, hyperlinks, clip art, selecting colors and fonts, creating headers and footers, changing the slide master, developing professional looking slides. Students will be given the hand out “Starting Powerpoint as a beginner”. They will work through the handout to develop the skills needed to complete the next lesson activity of creating a power point presentation.
Lesson Activity # 5 Students will learn attractive presentation styles of a power point presentation. Supporting Web Information: Developing a Presentation Style with PowerPoint: 

Lesson Activity #6 (Wrap-UP):
Students will apply what they have learned to create a short five slide presentation. The subject area they will cover is “Local History”. They must choose a presentation package of five slides that includes transitions, builds, hyperlinks and clip art. Students will present their finished product to the class for evaluation.

Supporting Web Information – Activity 6:
Local History Websites:

This lesson plan can be tailored to fit your local history!
Good Luck and Have Fun!

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