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Here student height comparison charts are created with Microsoft Excel


Computers & Internet, Math  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Charting Heights on Excel
By – Gayle Ryan
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – K – 2

Materials: Computer with Microsoft Excel program, yardstick, pencil and paper, printer.

Objective: To introduce students to the program Microsoft Excel and chart individual math totals.

Vocabulary: Microsoft Excel, heights, inches, ruler or yardstick, data, spreadsheet.


      1. Have each student measure each other and write down how tall they are in inches on a piece of paper.

      2. Then have the students type the height in inches by their name on an Excel spreadsheet.

      3. Show the students how to highlight the data and click the

Chart Icon


    4. Make a copy for each student to take home.

Results: The student will be able to see the different heights of his/her classmates by the Excel chart.

Follow-up Activity: Have the students measure different objects in the classroom and around the school building and chart the heights on Excel.

Homework: Have the students “measure” other items in the home and bring the data in inches to school to chart on Excel. Be sure to tell them to “label” all items measured at home also.

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