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My Dream Room


Computers & Internet, Math  


7, 8  

Title – My Dream Room
By – Julie A. Mater
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 7-8



The student will be able to use his spreadsheet abilities to keep track of his spending.


  • Computer lab
  • Spreadsheet program
  • Papers with instructions on them (including what fields are required on the spreadsheet)
  • Old catalogues (enough for everyone)



If you could decorate your own room ANY WAY YOU WANTED TO, how would you do it? Imagine that you had $2,500 to spend to totally decorate your dream bedroom! That’s a lot of money to decorate with!


Today, we are going to do just that. We’ll have $2,500 to spend (well, in our imaginations, anyway), and we’ll keep track of our spending on a spreadsheet.

Sequence of Activities:

  1. Start by making your spreadsheet. As you can see by looking at the paper by your computer, you need to have enough fields to include the name of the thing you are purchasing, the catalogue number, the color or size of your choice, as well as the cost of the object. The list of prices should be totaled at the bottom of your spreadsheet. Make sure you have a title at the top, as well as your name.
  2. As you “buy” things from the catalogue, you’ll enter them into your spreadsheet. (Don’t go over your budget!) All right! Start looking through the catalogues and “shop away!”
  3. Don’t forget to save these spreadsheets as you go along!


When you’re done, please save your program with your name as the title. I will be checking these to make sure they are completed properly.

Evaluation of Students:

Evaluation will be based on the student’s ability to apply his knowledge of the spreadsheet. The teacher will take special note of whether or not all the instructions about field names were followed, and the method used to keep track of total spending.

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