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Computers & Internet  


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Title – Learning-Hunt
By – Marybeth L. Brown
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 3rd-4th


The Students will be able to:

  1. Find the subject they are looking for on the computer within a 5-minute time period.
  2. Copy and paste from the Internet into a word document.


  • Access to the Internet
  • Learning-hunt list (located at the bottom of this page)
  • Computer paper to print off project

Lesson preparation:

You will want the parents to sign a paper to allow their student to participate on the Internet. If the students have basic computer knowledge it would be helpful, but it is not necessary.


Ask the students the question, “How many of you have ever been on a scavenger hunt?” Discuss for 5 minutes.


Today we are going to do a Learning-hunt (an educational scavenger hunt) on the Internet.

Sequence of Activities:

  1. Have the students open a word program on the computer and open the Internet to a search engine. (2-3minutes)
  2. Tell them to put their name, date, and number from one to twenty in the word program.
  3. Explain how to cut and paste. Highlight the material you want from the Internet, hold down the CTRL key and then press the letter “c” at the same time. Go to your word document and hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “v” at the same time this will put the information from the Internet into a word document. (2-3 minutes)
  4. Explain how the hunt will be done – Everyone will be given a list of items to find on the Internet using whichever search engine you prefer (if the class is not familiar with computers you might want to limit it to one search engine). You will need find a website that tells about the item and copy and paste the web address (located in the address bar) into your word document. (2 minutes)
  5. On the learning hunt write the information it asks for (show an example from the list and explain).
  6. Each student will have 20 minutes to find as many items on the list as they can.
  7. Pass out the learning-hunt list and tell the students to begin.
  8. Walk around the room and monitor the student’s progress helping the students if they need it.
  9. Have the students print off their web site address in their word document.


Collect the learning-hunt list and allow the students to tell to the class one thing they found to be the most interesting. (8-10 minutes)

Evaluation/Assessment of students:

Look at the learning-hunt list and see from it if the students understand how to use a search engine and if they cut and pasted correctly.

Analysis of Lesson:
(this is done after the lesson is complete to help the teacher in the future)

  • Did the students enjoy the activity?
  • What would have made the lesson better?
  • Did the students understand the concepts being thought?

Variation to lesson:

This lesson can be adapted to any class level and any topic by changing the learning-hunt list. You can have the students work in-groups or individually. This is a great way to gather information that the students can use for reports and projects. The list can include activities instead of just items.

Time needed for lesson:

This lesson is gear towards a 45 – 55 minute class period. However you can adjust the lesson to fit a longer or shorter period.

Learning-list hunt items:

  1. A rose. What color________________
  2. An antique car. What type___________________
  3. A piece of furniture. Which kind_______________________
  4. A light. Which type_________________
  5. A Dog. Which breed______________________
  6. A current event in the news. Title of Article___________________
  7. A Wild animal. Which animal___________________
  8. Access to a game you can play on the web. Title of game __________________
  9. Where you can buy a book. Is it a store or an auction __________________
  10. An Auction. Title of auction found __________________
  11. Weather. What is the current temperature outside ____________________
  12. A balloon. Which type _____________________
  13. A park. Name of park____________________
  14. A restaurant. Name of restaurant ______________________
  15. A plant. Which type ______________________
  16. A photo on the web. What was the photo of __________________
  17. A store on the web. Name of store ____________________
  18. A marine animal. Which kind __________________
  19. Disney world. What was the first thing you saw on the website _____________________
  20. Find out using the web what is a “hala” ______________________

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