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Students present their original research in three different formats here utilizing internet research techniques and 21st Century technology skills


Computers & Internet  


7, 8  

Title – Mac World Research Paper Presentations
By – Ian Taggart
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 7-8

Standards Addressed:

      Arizona State Standards:

      • Various Social Studies, Science and Writing standards according to teacher’s desire.

    Arizona Technology Standards:

    • S1:C1:PO1
    • S1:C4:PO1
    • S3:C1:PO1-2
    • S3:C2:PO1-5
    • S5:C1:PO3


  1. Research Paper Assignment :
    • Select a topic of your choosing and research it on the internet using effective search techniques. All topics must be approved by the teacher and appropriate for school.
    • Before you begin writing, you must have at least five sources . You may use Wikipedia as one of your sources.
    • To help you organize your research, you may create a notes document where you may copy and paste your source information. However, you may not copy and paste the information into your final paper. All work must be in your own words.
    • Be sure to use Spell Check and have somebody else read your paper making sure your punctuation, capitalization, spacing, etc. are correct before you submit it.
    • You must use a “manual break” between the Title page and Body pages and the Sources page .
    • The paper must be formatted and organized in the following manner and will be graded following the guidelines below.

    Report Format:
    Title Page:

        • Name, class (Mac World) and topic centered at the top of the page.

    Body Pages:

        • 300-500 words with an introductory paragraph, informational paragraphs, and summary paragraph
        • Font and size – 12 pt. Times New Roman
        • Double Spaced
        • Indented paragraphs (five spaces)
        • Left Justify

    Sources Page:

      • “Sources” must be centered at the top of the page
      • Must have a minimum of 5 sources
      • You may use Wikipedia as one of your sources
      • 4 or more original/professional sites including news, educational, government, professional organizations, museums, cultural, religious, and others as appropriate.
  2. PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation :
    • Once the students have completed this assignment, they will then create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation using the topic of the research paper.
    • The presentation must be formatted and organized in the following manner:

    Presentation Format:
    Title Slide:

        • Name, class (Mac World) and topic on the first slide.

    Body Slides:

        • Minimum of 10 slides containing text, pictures or a combination of both.
        • Create your own slide format or use a preset format.
        • Try different slide transitions, artwork and photos and appropriate sound effects.

    Sources Slide:

      • Slide must be titled “Sources”
      • Use the same (minimum of 5) sources as on your research paper and any additional if appropriate.
      • All sources must be bulleted.
  3. GarageBand Presentation :
    • On completion of the presentation, the students will create an audio/visual presentation using GarageBand or other similar software.

    Steps to Create Presentation:
    Step 1: Narrative

        • Create narrative or script: This should take 1 – 2 days.
        • Launch GarageBand
        • Select Podcast and “save as” to desktop
        • Record your narrative using either (male) or (female) tracks
        • This should be done in a quiet place such as in the media center or outside

    Step 2: Photos

        • Collect your photos in iPhoto
        • Listen to your voice and drop the photos in where you want them
        • Some photos will work if you drag and drop from the desktop

    Step 3:

        Music and Jingle

        • For jingles, select the “Eyeball” and audio to find the sound or music you want
        • You may also use music from your own collection
        • Be sure your music is not louder than your voice over
        • Music should be appropriate to be played at school

    Step 4:

      Save it and Share it

      • After your have added all your elements and reviewed it and your podcast is how you want it to be, save it. To save: Go to File (save), then go to Share (Export Podcast to Disk) then export to desktop
      • To play, use QuickTime player

Final Note:

  • On completion of this assignment, the students will have created and presented their original research in three different formats utilizing internet research techniques and various software appropriate for developing strong and effective 21st Century technology skills.
  • Teachers may assign these back to back or space them out over the school year.

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