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Mother’s Day Fun


Computers & Internet  


4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Mother’s Day Fun
By – Jessica Givans
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4th-7th


The student will be able to:

  • Effectively use the computer/internet.
  • Produce a card for Mother’s Day.


  • At least one computer for every two students.
  • Color printer that is accessible to every computer.
  • Printer paper.


Talk about Mother’s Day that is coming up. Even though we should verbalize our praises to our mothers all year long, Mother’s Day is a good day to get caught up.


Today we are going to make Mother’s Day cards for our mothers or grandmothers.

Sequence of Activities:

  1. Help them all get their computers turned on and signed on the Internet.
  2. Have them all go to
  3. Instruct them on how to do the cards. You may walk around and give suggestions or answer any questions that any of them might have. (Depending on the availability of computers, this might take more than one class period.)


Have students finish up their cards. You might ask some of them to share with the class what they did.

Evaluation of Students:

While the students are beginning, walk around to make sure that they understand how to use a computer. Make sure that you look at each of the student’s cards to make sure that they did them.

Analysis of Lesson:

  • Did the students like this activity?
  • What do I need to change next time I teach this lesson?

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