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This Computer lesson plan is for creating and using computer guides


Computers & Internet  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Creating and Using Computer Guides
By – Audrey Pruitt
Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 2-5
Computer Lab

Time Frame:
20 minutes to make the journals in class
you can use them for as long as you want

1. Students will create a computer guide using construction paper and copy paper which will help them learn more about computers.
2. Students will learn basic note taking techniques which will benefit them for the rest of the educational career.

1/2 sheet construction paper
5 sheet white copy paper
OR you can use any type of journal you wish

Teacher can prepare the journals ahead of time or the students can do it.

The students make or are given the journals. They need to write their name and class on them. And I usually have them decorate the cover with computer stuff.

Each new concept that is introduced in the lab should be written down in the guide.
Ex. How to open Word: 1. Go to Start 2. Go to Programs 3. Go to Microsoft Word.
Ex. Ways to Cut Copy and Paste: 1. Right click mouse and choose 2. Go to Edit and Choose 3. Use icons on tool bar 4. Ctrl X,C,V

I take them up at the end of a unit on the day of the test. I usually give around 10 points for each checkpoint. Student are responsible for getting information that was missed for absences. I usually remind them. Normally at the beginning of each class I go over what we have covered so far and what should be in their journal. I remind them that if they are missing anything they need to get with me or copy it from a friend.

Note: The kids seem to like this because it gives them a specific place to write down things from class and is a great way to study. I like it because it shows me that they are paying attention and is a great way to get them to be more self-reliant. If they have a question I usually refer them to their journal. Eventually it cuts down on the number of questions I have to answer!!!

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