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Students develop a story using Photo Story 3 here to demonstrate the application of multimedia in the classroom


Computers & Internet  



Title – Creating Multimedia using Photo Story 3
By – Alberto Guevara
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects –  
Grade Level – 11

Topic to teach:

    Students will develop a story using Photo Story 3 to demonstrate the application of multimedia in the classroom

Texas Essential Knowledge Standards:

    126.26 Multimedia – The student will:

    1. Analyze demands for accomplishing tasks to appropriately use input, processing, output, and primary/secondary storage;
    2. Make decisions regarding the selection, acquisition, and use of software in a multimedia classroom/lab taking under consideration its quality, appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency;
    3. Delineate and make necessary adjustments regarding compatibility issues including, but not limited to, digital file formats and cross platforms connectivity;
    4. Use necessary vocabulary related to multimedia;
    5. Install and configure appropriate software;

General Goal:

    Students will gain experience on the many applications of multimedia in the classroom.

Specific Goal:

    Students will learn how to use Photo Story 3 to develop multimedia presentations.

Required Material:

  • Internet access
  • computer
  • scanner
  • digital camera
  • music digital format
  • headset with microphone
  • Photo Story 3 software

Anticipatory Set (Lead-in):

    Remind the students of stories they have created with pictures. Ask the class to raise their hands if they have a photo album that they want to show to friends or make a presentation.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Give students some free time to conduct research on the use of Photo Story 3 by accessing an online tutorial.
  2. Students will then download and install software on the computers.
  3. Students will take pictures or scan pictures into computer.
  4. Students will start developing a multimedia presentation of a story that they want to share to classmates.

Plan for Independent practice:

  • Allow students to access the online tutorials.
  • Students will interact with the program and if any questions they can look on the web for information or ask a classmate.


    Discuss with students some of the benefits of putting together a multimedia presentation using this application.

Assessment based on defined objectives:

    Student will be graded by a rubric that will briefly mention the different objectives for grading such as appropriate music, time frame, appropriate pictures according to story and narration.

Adaptations (For students with Learning Disabilities):

    Teacher will explain the procedures and show the students on a one-to-one basis, if requested.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):

    Include a demonstration on uploading photo story presentations using a streaming platform such as YouTube.

Possible connections to other subjects:

    This can be connected to a business course when teaching students how to effectively present new company ideas for the marketing department.

Assessments and follow-up:

    Students will present their presentation to the class. The instructor will use a student’s presentations to measure learning goals. The instructor will conduct an oral discussion with students at the end of all the presentations.

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