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This is a scavenger hunt for the movie Star Wars and helps develop internet research skills


Computers & Internet  


6, 7, 8  


Title – Star Wars Internet Scavenger Hunt
By – Laura Helfrich
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – 6-8
Use the Scavenger Hunt below to have students research background and specific information about Star Wars.

The best use of this scavenger hunt would be best used an introduction to the series (books, movies, games, collecting, or other topics).

[This science fiction saga is easily able to be used across several curriculum content areas.] Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

1. Sign onto the computer.

2. Get onto the Internet.

3. Find the CNN Star Wars Anniversary article

4. Scroll down to the Links located at the bottom of the page inside the [ ]’s.

5. Click on the “Use the force: A Quiz” section and take the online quiz. Write down your results. ____________________________________

6. Click on “Flashback 1977” and find 2 things on this page:

a. Write down 1 technological advance that has happened since the movie was filmed in 1977. _______________________________

b. Write down how much a movie ticket was when Star Wars was originally released. _______________________________

7. Click on “Where are they now?” and find 1 fact about each of the following characters/actors: Mark Hamill __________________________________,
Harrison Ford ________________________________________________,
Frank Oz____________________________________________________,
Carrie Fisher _________________________________________________.

8. Click on “Cultural Impact” and find out the name of the movie that parodies Star Wars. Hint: it was created by Mel Brooks. ___________________________________________.

9. Click on “Galaxy of Websites” and visit 3 different linked websites. Write a 1 sentence description of each website you visit.

a. ________________________________________________________.
b. ________________________________________________________.
c. ________________________________________________________.

10. Write down your favorite link (URL) that you found today on this website.

Bonus: Write down 3 new, good links you have discovered about Star Wars from a search engine such as,,, etc.
1. _______________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________

Resource: “CNN Interactive” is the interactive on-line service operated by Cable News Network LP, LLLP (“CNN”) on the World Wide Web of the Internet, consisting of information services and content provided by CNN, affiliates of CNN and other third parties.

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