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Students create PowerPoint Presentations on their Future Careers in this lesson


Computers & Internet  


4, 5  


Title – Your exciting career
By – Sandra Bauer
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4th-5th grade
Your Future

Materials Needed:
Pencil and Paper
Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer
Access to Internet

One way to have students to begin thinking about the future is to have them prepare a presentation on future careers. I have Microsoft PowerPoint on every computer in my lab, so I have shown them how to use this program. Kidpix would also work using the slide show.

First, we discuss careers and the students brainstorm about what they would like to research.

Second, the students go to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Website ( ) and browse the Career Handbook. It is easy to use and gives good information on thousands of occupations.

Third, the students have to collect the following information for their presentation:
1) Name of your career
2) Education Requirements
3) Salary
4) Workplace environment
5) Find something interesting to list not related
to items 1-4.

Finally, once the information is gathered, the students should prepare a seven to eight slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or Kidpix. You will need to discuss and demonstrate how the slides should look, and what each slide heading should read. It would be good to demonstrate a sample slide using a LCD projector if one is available.

Once the presentations are finished, they can be shown through a LCD projector to the rest of the class. This is also great for Open House where each presentation can be continuously run for parents to see.

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