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College/University Research Slide Show


Computers & Internet  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – College/University Research Slide Show
By – Lisa Payton
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 9-12

In this lesson, students will research a college of their choice and prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation for the class in accordance with rubric guidelines.

Lesson or Unit Name

College/University Research / PowerPoint Slide Show


W2.1, W4.2, C1.1, C1.2, C1.3, C1.4, C1.5, RS2.4, RS3.1, RS3.2


Question or Objective

  • Use writing to explain and inform (W2.1)
  • Use language, vocabulary, images, sensory details, and presentation techniques including multimedia that are appropriate for the purpose and audience (C1.1)
  • Express and explain ideas orally with fluency and confidence (C1.2)
  • Use oral language to inform, to analyze, to explain, to persuade, and to compare and contrast different viewpoints (C1.3)
  • Use effective organizational strategies, techniques, and methods including technology to develop oral presentations (C1.4)
  • Select appropriate patterns of organization to inform and to persuade in oral presentations (C1.5)
  • Gather and evaluate information for its relevance to his or her research questions (RS2.4)
  • Use the internet to gather/research information on colleges (RS2.4, RS3.1)
  • Use SCOIS to gather/research information on colleges (RS2.4, RS3.1)
  • Draw conclusions from synthesized information to create a documented research project (RS3.2)
  • Use PowerPoint to create a slide show using the information collected (RS3.2)
  • Present information using multimedia resources (C1.1, C1.2)

Instructional Methods and Strategies *

  • Review rubric (instructor should review all elements of rubric with students)
  • Assign lab dates (students should have at least 3 class periods (90 minute blocks) to use computers to gather information through internet research and apply the information to PowerPoint)
  • Students should also be assigned presentation dates
  • PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations

Culminating Assessments

PowerPoint Slide Show (see rubric)

Materials and Resources

Paper, pens, dictionaries, CCC, computers, printers

* Please note activating, cognitive and summarizing strategies, best practices addressed, differentiating instruction, use of technology, collaboration, Bloom’s level and art integration components as appropriate.

The following is the rubric I use to grade this activity.


College/University Research

PowerPoint Slide Show

Students are to prepare a PowerPoint slide show for a selected college/university. Students may only use the school’s official website and SCOIS to obtain information. Please adhere to the AUP guidelines. Also, no plagiarism; students are expected to complete their own work. Be creative, and pay careful attention to grammar/mechanics. Finally, include your name, class, instructor, and date at the end of the slide show.


Slide 1   School’s Name, Address, Telephone Number
Slide 2   Undergraduate Admissions Requirements
Slide 3   Degrees
Slide 4   History
Slide 5   Tuition
Slide 6   Housing
Slide 7   Student Organizations
Slide 8   Other Information

Slide Show (50 pts)

_____   8+ slides   50 pts
_____   4 to 7 slide   30 pts
_____   1 to 3 slides   10 pts

Creativity (20 pts)

_____   very creative   18-20 pts
_____   creative   12-17 pts
_____   minimum creativity   6-11 pts
_____   little creativity   0-5 pts

Grammar/Mechanics (10 pts)

_____   minimal (<3) or no errors   7-10 pts
_____   frequent errors   3-6 pts
_____   substantial errors   0-2 pts

Presentation (20 pts)

_____   style   10 pts
_____   projection   5 pts
_____   length   5 pts


Grade = __________

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