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This idea involves Scanning and/or Digital Cameras for observing Tree Bark


Computers & Internet, Science  


5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Bark Imaging/Scans
By –
Subject – Computers & Internet, Science
Grade Level – 5-8
1. Collect some pieces of bark for example purposes.
2. Show the students the different grains and types that exist then discuss the differences and similarities.
3. Ask the students what types of tree they think the bark might have come from.
4. Explain how they are going to collect bark or pictures of bark from the local area for examination and classification in class.
5. List the following headings on the board and have students copy them into their notebooks: Photo number, Location found, basic description.
6. Form the class into small groups
7. Have students get a notepad and a pen or pencil.
8. Ask the students to collect various samples of bark or take pictures of the bark with a digital camera. If they are collecting the samples of bark from a tree, be sure that they collect samples of bark that have already fallen so as not to damage the tree.
9. In their notebook, students are to fill in the details of the samples of bark that they have found.
10. When they are finished collecting their samples, they are to either scan the bark samples onto the classroom computer or download the pictures from the digital camera.
11. When all samples are entered into the computer, students are to look these images and observe the different textures of the bark pieces.
12. Complete the task by asking students to write a report which details what they have observed of each sample.

Using a paint program such as Photoshop, have students apply filters to the images to produce different contrasts of the picture.

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