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An activity using Digital Cameras to capture Shapes In Nature


Computers & Internet, Science  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Shapes in Nature
By –
Subject – Computers & Internet, Science
Grade Level – 4-8
1. Make sure that the digital camera is cleared and the batteries are charged.
2. Discuss with the class about the various different shapes that trees or bushes might take. For example, triangular, rounded.
3. Draw some examples on the board.
4. Ask the students what types of tree they already know the names of and list them on the board. Try to classify them under the existing drawings.
5. Explain how they are going to collect pictures of trees from the local area for examination and classification in class.
6. List the following headings on the board and have students copy them into their notebooks: Photo number, Location found, basic description.
7. Divide the class into small groups.
8. Send each group out into the school grounds or local area to photograph trees and bushes.
9. Connect the camera to the loading cable on the computer and download the images using the camera software.
10. Save the images into a folder where they can be accessed easily.
11. Open a word processor or publishing program and on each page add a drawing of a square, rectangle, triangle or circle so that there is a page for each shape.
12. Import all the pictures into the document.
13. Move them around by dragging them until they are grouped based upon shape.
14. Save the file as “Group …… – tree shapes”.
15. Print out the pages for comparison and discussion with other groups.

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