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An American quilt is made here from the cultural magazine covers students created with Desktop Publishing


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8, 9  

Title – Culture Trip using Desktop Publishing
By – Julie Scott
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 6-9

Title – American Quilt: Identifying your culture using Desktop Publishing

Note: This is an Introduction to Desktop – not designed for an advance lesson. Students should be familiar with researching on Internet. This lesson can also be completed in word.

Time – Two to three days.
Lesson Plan – Designing an American quilt using desktop publisher.

This computer lesson will enable each student to integrate Social Studies within a simple desktop publishing design

Students will familiarize themselves with their culture and increase their ability to incorporate technology by using publisher and the Internet


  • Students will use the Internet to find facts about their culture.
  • Students will format the look of their page with information that will inform an audience of their culture.
  • Students will insert at least 2 pictures, one being their native flag.
  • Students will edit page, add details, and improve design for a pleasant effect to the eye.
  • Students will format the page to be similar to the cover of a travel magazine.
  • Students will include on their page:
    • Two resources from their culture. e.g. sheep; cotton
    • Two pictures: one placed as watermark and one will be their native flag
    • Caption informing of type of music.
    • Title of Page
    • Type of government


    This lesson should be taught after students have learned to research on the Internet. Students will also have covered privacy issues when collecting information. The lesson should incorporate correct spelling and grammar for language arts and social studies skills.


      1. Introduce the American Quilt. Have one designed for students.

      2. Have students edit.

      3. Go through rubric for grading.

      4. Allow students to collect information. (Have them cite where they found information.)

      5. Have students design their magazine cover.

      6. Students evaluate their own covers.

      7. Print

    8. Teacher grade & Post Magazine cover into Quilt design. Students only see grade on rubric sheet.

Computers, Internet Access, and Handouts for instructions

Students will receive a 50/50 for a completed quilt design that includes the above-mentioned components.

Students will post their design on the outside wall of classroom and create an American quilt. Students will use first initial and last name on footer for credit for privacy issues.

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