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This lesson is about E-Pal communication and the other Cultures that may be encountered through it


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  



Title – E pals
By – Toni Williams
Subject – Computers & Internet, Social Studies
Grade Level – 2

Subject Area:
— E-pals
Major Objective:
— introduction to word processing
— learn about another culture through epal communication
— learn to save work
— learn to use spell check
— learn to copy and paste
— learn how to send and check email
Grade Levels:
— 2
— computer, printer, overhead for computer lab, word processing program, epal names
Related URL’s:
Time Required:
— for instruction:
— 30 – 45 min. computer lab class
— 30 – 45 min. classroom lesson
— then ongoing
Teacher prep:
— contact epals teacher and get student names to hand out to each student in the classroom
— set up a email address just for the kids epal communication
— send out AUP to parents to sign and return before starting project
— train helpers how to help students in the classroom
Activities and Procedures:
— Lesson #1: (in classroom)
— — 1. go over computer rules and email etiquette
— — 2. brainstorm sentence ideas for our letters , as a reference and to help the less able students to write their letters
— — 3. assign each student an epal name to write to
— — 4. helper to type up list of sentences to post by the computer and around the room
— Lesson #2: (in the computer lab)
— — 1. demonstrate getting into word processing program, how to save their work, and how to use spell check
— — 2. students start working on epal letters and use their list of sentences as a reference
— — 3. students practice saving their work and using the spell check
— Lesson #3 (in the classroom , on the computer with a helper)
— — 1. learn how to copy and paste the letters they wrote
— — 2. how to send email
— — 3. how to check email
— — 4. keep a log of date email sent and date email received
— Follow-Up/Extension:
— — learn more about the Australian culture and customs
— — keep track of temperature and weather here and in Australia – then graph the results

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