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This lesson serves as an introduction to using a word processor


Computers & Internet  


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Title – Using the Word Processor

By – Michelle Bishop

Primary Subject – Computers / Internet

Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet

Grade Level – 2nd-3rd

Michelle Bishop

Topic: Computer Word Processor

Grade Level: 3rd-4th

Time frame:

Take 5-10 minutes on bringing it up and changing the font. Take 15 minutes to type out the paper and then 10 minutes to pick a picture to go with the story.

Material needed by Teacher: Computer with word Processor on it

Material needed by Student: Computer with Word Processor on it also.

Introduction: How do you find Word Processor on your computer? How do you change the font on Word Processor?

How do you and art clips to your page.


1.) To get into Word Processing

2.) To change font on Word Processing

3.) To add clip art/pictures to paper

4.) To print out their paper


Today, we are going to learn how to do a few new things on a computer. We will type on the Word Processor, we will learn how to change the font on a Word Processor, and also add clip art to your paper.

Description of Activities:

We will first go into the start button and click on Word Processor. Then we will type a little story and then we will go into Format at the top of the page and click on font and change it to courier new font 12. Last we will go to the clip art button and find a picture to go with the story that you wrote.

I would make sure that the students first understood how to bring up this program and then move on to showing them how to change the font and adding pictures.

I will walk around and make sure that they are doing it right and are having fun in the process.


I would close the class by having them read and show off their papers/pictures.


Michelle Bishop


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