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A fun lesson on Web Page Design using the free Netscape Composer tool


Computers & Internet  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Web Page Designing
By – Sherry Wood
Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 6-8

Lesson Plan – Designing Web Pages
Northeast Middle School


This computer lesson will enable each student to use Netscape Navigator Gold to design their own web page.


Students will use Netscape Navigator Gold to create and design an original web page.


Students will use the Web Page Wizard to design their own web page.
Students will format the look of their page with bullets, text color, background pattern and color, and horizontal images.

Students will insert at least 3 hypertext links onto the web page.

Students will save the page under a filename they choose.

Students will edit their web page to continue to add details and improve design.

Students will learn to insert images from remote web sites.


In a world of ever changing technology, the hottest innovation is designing web pages. This is a skill that can be used as a career, to enhance a career, to learn to express individual interests and hobbies, and to enhance learning by making “topical” web pages for class assignments. This will give my students another edge to their future.


1. Introduce the concepts to be taught.
2. Students will write down the URL address to three of their favorite sites.
3. Step through
Netscape Navigator
Page Composer
Page from Wizard (scroll down until you see START)
–Give your page a title APPLY
–Type an introduction APPLY
–Add some hot links to other pages
–Add email address
–Choose background pattern and colors
–Choose text color
–Choose bullets
–Choose horizontal images


File -> Edit Page
Save As…..type a filename (no spaces) web3, web4, web5, web6


Computers, Internet Access, Handouts for instructions, Netscape Navigator Gold


Students will receive a 100 for a completed web page design that includes the above mentioned components.


Students will ultimately publish their web page designs onto the Internet once the pages are accepted by the teacher. Students with common interests, may wish to work together in pairs or teams.

Once students are comfortable with designing using the Wizard, they will be encouraged to build a page on their own without the prompting or limitations that the Wizard contains.

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