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An interesting idea for a Web Wall Bulletin Board where students interactively share website ideas


Computers & Internet  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – “Web-Wall”
By – Elissa Wynn
Subject РComputers & Internet 
Grade Level Р4-8 
The “Web-Wall” is an on-going activity that involves a large bulletin board, paint pens, and input from any student in any grade who wishes to participate!

The “Web-Wall” is a sort of phone book of web-sites that are brought to school, researched for content, then posted on the black-papered bulleting board, using shiny paint pens. The students are the ones who ‘post’ their site on the bulletin board, by writing manually (which is a real kick to them), along with a 1 sentence description in their own words and their name and homeroom – so they can get the credit among their peers.

This bulletin board begins at the onset of the school year, and goes until the end of the year. Students and teachers alike seem to enjoy checking out the new items listed on the “Web-Wall”, making this a huge success. Frequently I will have students and faculty mention that they had checked out a site from the “Web-Wall” and they really enjoyed having something like that at their disposal.

Give it a try!

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