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Crabby Miss Franks

Title – Crabby Miss Franks

By – Angela Franks

This is my favorite first year teaching story. During my third block class, I was bummed due to the number of students sleeping. I made a comment that I would like some type of water gun to shoot the sleeping students.

Later that day, I looked and saw an odd object on my car. When I was closer to it, I saw that it was a crab bath toy. It had a note on it that said, “Miss Franks I saw this and thought of you.”

I was accustomed to stay late hours at school, since it was my first year teaching. I usually did not get to leave until 11 or 12 at night.

At about 9 p.m. I had a knock at my window. A student had brought me some Sonic to eat. She said she always saw me working so late every night and she was afraid that I didn’t eat.

I told her that it had been an odd day. That someone had thought I was crabby and she had really made my night. (It was nice to know that some people do go out of their ways for others.) She later confessed that it was her that had given the crab. But not because she thought I had been crabby, but because it would shoot water and was cuter than a gun.

It was nice to feel appreciated.


Angela Franks

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