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Crayons or condoms?

I heard today on the news that starting in the fall, Provincetown Massachusetts will enact a policy in their schools allowing for the distribution of condoms to elementary age students.  According to the policy, students as young as first graders will be able to request a condom from the school nurse without parent permission or notification.  The school board reasons that there is “no set time when sexual activity starts” and the new policy is a protective measure, not a statement of permissiveness.  

With the economy creating financial havoc in so many states and thousands of districts, I would like to know how Provincetown has the money to enact such a costly policy.  Are their academics being properly funded?  Is there enough money for the arts in all the schools?  School social services are wonderful- provided that there is extra funding for such programs, but if the district is buying condoms with money that could be used to purchase crayons, then parents and teachers should be demanding that educational resources take priority to “protective measures”.

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