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Digging up Dictionaries


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


PreK, K, 1  


                                                     Digging up the dictionary

Learning outcome: The student will learn to use the hard copy of a dictionary as well as the online version of a dictionary. Students will have one partner assigned to them. This activity will be performed in a the media center if there are not enough computers available students will take turns and while waiting for the computer dictionary versio students will use the hard copy of the dictionary. The online dictionary will be accessed using the following web address:   .  The student will find the spelling word; write down the definition of that spelling word in the provided space.  When all spelling words are found, as a class I will have each group present three words they found using the hard copy and the digital dictionary.

Teacher Planning:  Plan to have enough dictionaries for each student,  make sure computers in the media center are available to use when lesson is to be taught.


Word List:



1. Love

2. Dove

3. Glove

4. Oven

5. Over






1. Clover

2. Walk

3. Talk

4. Chalk

5. Knee


1. introduce the lesson to the students, talk about hard copy dictionaries versus digital dictionary
2.each student will get a word list with the above ten words and space provided on the sheet for them to write down the definition. The sheet will have a word for hard copy dictionary and a word for digital dictionary
3. Each student will get a chance to look up a word in a hard copy dictionary and digital dictionary
4. Students will break off in groups of two 
5. Each student will get a chance to say the word and the definition
6.after reporting their word and definition each student will present 3 words each  to the class


-Teacher observation during the work session will be documented

-Worksheets will be assessed by the teacher for correctness and the children’s understanding of the task to provide a concrete form of assessment of this lesson.




Standard 1:  Teaching for Learning

Candidates are effective teachers who demonstrate knowledge of learners and learning and who model and promote collaborative planning, instruction in multiple literacy’s, and inquiry-based learning, enabling members of the learning community to become effective users and creators of ideas and information. Candidates design and implement instruction that engages students’ interests and develop their ability to inquire, think critically, gain and share knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of learners and learning:  Students will learn about the dictionary by using it by and hand and digitally. Students in first grade will be able to understand the definition and purpose of using a dictionary.
  1. Effective knowledgeable teacher: by teaching students how to use a dictionary they will be able to better understand spelling words and hard words they come across while reading books.
  1. Instructional partner:  I will work closely with the first grade teacher to provide this dictionary lesson plan that will help benefit the students by using multiple resources both digital and prin.
  1. Integration of twenty-first century skills and learning standards: I will incorporate 21st century skills and learning standards into my lesson plan by providing students with the skills to use print and electronic resources for information. Print being the hard copy dictionary and electronic being the computer dictionary
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