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Do You Buy Classroom Supplies? The LPP Community says ‘Yes’

A few weeks ago, education writer Monica Fuglei shared some amazing data: nearly 100%–99.5%–of teachers say they dig into their school suppliesown pockets and pay for their classroom supplies. When the Lesson Plans Page Facebook community was asked about paying for classroom supplies, the response was swift, loud, and represented a wide variety of views. Here are a few.

Joy Dean: “Our PTA gives teachers $10 per child to spend on beginning of the year supplies. It goes a long way and every child has the exact materials that the teacher wishes. They PTA also support teachers with a classroom fund. Parents can be a real support!”

Andrea Skrocki: “I spend a ridiculous amount of money for my classes. It’s laughable that we can only claim $250.”

Vanessa Tavares:  “Although I don’t think I should buy them, I do. Just because I want to have those material available when needed.”

Sharon Trabakino Senno:  “I used to buy many of the items I use in school. But I don’t want to anymore …  I want to “not have” so that maybe someone wakes up and realizes what the teachers do each year …”

Ollie Woods:  “I have spent over $400 for the new school year. I am projected about 165 students this year. Today the office called and said come and pick up your supplies for this year. I got so excited until I saw the stash. Ten spiral backed notebooks (70 pages), 20 pencils, a roll of tape, and a box of file folders, 10 each of purple, yellow, and blue folders, a box of paper clips and a box of staples. Wow.”

Mags Grant: “Nurturers are always expected to sacrifice for others at their own expense.”

Diana Markley: “It’s not an option. Even with cuts to my pay check, without engaging science lessons, which need supplies, I won’t have a job.”

 Evelyn Padro:  “Our governor gave us some school materials, but we still have to send to our students a list of the materials to use in their class for them to buy.”

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