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Education, Education, Education

Title – Education, Education, Education

By – Mary Auguiste-Ernest

As a ‘foundling baby,’ Mary was left abandoned in a derelict building in the UK. Throughout her life, she spent many years in children’s institutions, foster care, and didn’t find her first real home until the age of 28 years, when having her first child. As a result of regular moves in and out of school, Mary’s educational achievement was blighted. Mary never believed she would achieve anything, nor those who cared for her.

But not having parents or siblings to grow up with or being in a single parent household should not deter anyone from succeeding. The road is upwards for those who want it, especially now when many are out of work and the need to rechannel their career paths is eminent. With hard work, determination, education, education, education, and by reaching for opportunities when they present themselves, you can go far.

These principals were the key to Mary’s success. On becoming a child minder, financial support was provided for her to achieve a qualification and she has never stopped learning. The road is upwards. Mary was voted Top UK Teacher in TES Connect and is doing extremely well, completing her Certificate in Education, a Degree and is now on the way to doing a Masters.

Mary is a unique teacher because her sessions are practical, giving those who find it difficult to understand a chance of progressing to the best of their ability.


  • In the UK, a childminder is a early childhood professional who takes on the responsibility of a child whilst his or her parents are either in gainful employment, studying and need respite care, during the course of the day. It is the duty of a childminder to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for children who are 0-5 years old. Keeping records, assessing the next stage of their development and ensuring their development and knowledge of mathematics, language, communication, emotions, socialization, physical – minor and gross, intellectual, knowledge and understanding of the world, and problem solving are met according to their stage of development.

  • TES Connect is the Times, Educational Supplement.


Mary Auguiste-Ernest

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