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Extra Credit Projects


Social Studies  



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Extra-credit Projects

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You may choose 1 of the projects listed below. These projects are optional, which means that you do not have to do them. If you decide to do a project, you will get an additional 10 points towards the classroom store.

Project 1: Benjamin’s Travels

Benjamin Franklin traveled a great deal. Not only did he visit many cities in America, but he also traveled to Europe. In this project, you are going to make a map of all the places that Benjamin Franklin traveled to. You must follow the checklist below in order to get all the points. Each item is worth 2 points.

This project is due on the last day of the unit. I encourage you to work on this project at home because you will not be given much time to work on it during class.

1. Make a map using whatever materials you wish. An additional 5 points will be awarded for

a relief map.

2. The map must be colored and all the countries that were discussed in the book labeled.

3. On the map, you must label all the cities that Benjamin traveled to.

4. You must write one or two sentences explaining why Benjamin went to that city.

5. You must draw the flags for America, England, and France in their proper place.

Project 2: Zip Up Your Zipper And Tie Your Shoes

Benjamin Franklin was not the only inventor in the world. People have been inventing things for thousands of years. Some of these inventions we don’t even think about anymore because we are so used to them. Below you will see 2 inventions that we use everyday but do not much attention to. Select one and answer the questions that follow.

1. Choose one of these two inventions and circle it: The Zipper or The Tennis Shoe

2. Answer these questions in a paragraph or paragraphs:

A. Who created the invention you chose?

B. Where did this person live?

C. Why did the person create this invention?

D. How did the person create this invention?

E. How would your life be different if this invention had never been created?

F. Using magazines, newspapers, and catalogs collect at least 25 pictures of people using

this invention. Each picture must be different and you cannot have the same person

more than once.

G. Paste these pictures in a collage on a piece of construction paper.

H. On the opposite side of your collage, staple your paragraph(s).

I. Write your name and title of your research on the side with your writing.

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