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Father’s Day Lesson Plans, Crafts and Activities


Father’s Day is right around the corner! Every year in June, we celebrate and honor all fathers for their tireless work in raising their children, creating paternal bonds with others and being a great role model for the community.

This day of recognition was created to complement Mother’s Day, which occurs in May. Whether students have a father or not, there is usually some paternal figure around that lends a hand to their development. Students should be able to create crafts and activities for this special day just like any other to recognize these important men in their lives. Here are some Father’s Day Lesson Plans and craft activities  that can help you Father’s Day special for Dad, and your students.

 Pre-K-Grade 1

For our little people in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade, why not try a T-shirt? It lasts for decades and will be a consistent reminder to dad every year how much they’ve grown. It can get a little messy, but it will be well worth it! This will satisfy the art requirement for the day. You’ll need: White t-shirts, colored paint and puff paint. The students will put the color of their choice on their hands and put them face down on the T-shirt. The teacher will write with puff paint “Best Dad Hands Down!”

 Kindergarten-Grade 2

This is a great activity for those in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. An art project featuring a Father’s Day Origami Shirt card. It’s art, it’s fun and you’ll get an educational lesson out of this activity at the same time! You’ll need: Old, colorful magazines, colored construction paper and thick card stock. The teacher will make origami shirts using square cuts from the magazines. The verse of the card goes on the back of the shirt. The students make neckties out of the construction paper and draw, stamp or stick small stickers on the tie for a pattern. The tie is then glued to the neckline of the shirt. The shirt is then glued to the card stock and decorated for a card.

 Grades 4-5

For those older students in grades 4 and 5, this activity teaches gerunds and reduces stress at the same time. What is it? A Squeezy Ball! This should be a bit hit as a gift for a father. This activity would fall under the art and Language Arts requirements. You’ll need: Balloons and card stock or construction paper. The students are to fill a large balloon with rice. At the neck, the 4 o’clock space and 8 o’clock space, they will cut it and cover the original balloon. The students will then make a card with four lines, stating __________, _______________, __________ and ________. These blanks will be filled in will gerunds of things they do to drive their father’s crazy. They will decorate the front of the card with things they do. It’s a great stress reliever for dad, and a fun project for the students to create.


Students love making crafts and these lesson plans are educational and fun. You’ll be providing educational fun while allowing the students to make a lifelong gift for someone special. You can’t lose with these activities and it will be an enjoyable Father’s Day. Happy crafting!


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