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Flag Day Lesson Plans, Crafts and Activities

Army_US_Post_FLAGGive students an understanding and appreciation of Flag Day with some great lesson plans that include fun crafts and activities. Not all students are out of school for summer break by June 14th, and those who are often attend camps and other summer learning programs. Take this time to foster patriotism in kids as they learn the history of our flag and how we came to celebrate National Flag Day.

Flag On the Fence Activity

Appropriate for Grades K-5

 You’ve probably seen this done. Plastic cups are stuck in a chain link fence to spell out messages like Go Team or Welcome! Mary Whitely tells us, “If your school hasn’t made a flag on the fence yet, you really should try this idea.” All that is needed is the following materials. (Make sure to find cups that will fit into the holes of the chain link fence.)

 You need:

  • red, white and blue plastic cup
  • a chain link fence.

A flag on the fence would be a great activity to do after reading the story of Betsy Ross and how she came to design and sew our flag. Students could work in groups to design flags that depict the way the flag changed over the years as colonies were added. Then head outside to work together as a team to build a flag on the fence.

This great idea can be a part of a thematic unit that incorporates objectives into other subjects. Students learn the history of the American flag and National Flag Day. They can incorporate math skills by measuring the fence and counting out the number of cups to form the flag. Ecology and reusing plastic cups for a purpose could even be discussed.

 Whiteley says that the flag stays put for a long, long time unless a typhoon hits!

Peace Pledge

Appropriate for grades 3-6

 Mary Majewski came up with this idea to help her students cope with terrorism after the attacks of September 11. She was teaching in upstate New York at the time. You will need the following materials for the lesson Peace Pledge.

 You need:

  • a story book on the flag’s history
  • white paper
  • a dove pattern (available on-line)
  • large chart paper


This lesson has the students to dissect and discuss the Pledge of Alligance one line at a time. Words like” indivisible” are discussed. All the things that our flag are a symbol of are listed. Students then write pledges of their own.

Stars and Stripes Jigsaw Puzzle

Appropriate for Grades 4-5

This lesson plan by Stephanie Sobecki helps students appreciate and memorize the words to our national anthem. Research says that children learn best when moving around. Physical activity increases neural connections. This idea really gets kids up and moving around.

 The following materials are needed.

  •  words to The Star Spangled Banner typed out and cut into 5 sections
  • one set of words for each group of five students
  • paper clips
  • small basket.

 This activity has students moving around to partner up with other students to put the cut-up words back together again. It is like a moving jigsaw puzzle.

A Song for Flag Day

Appropriate for Grades PreK-2

Teacher Mary Flynn uses a song from Songs 4 Teachers to instill patriotism in her young students

 The following materials are needed.

  • music to My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  • words to song from lesson plan on large chart paper

 Children will want to sing this patriotic song over and over. Use it again on the Fourth of July or anytime.

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