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Food Label Reading Lesson and PowerPoint: Is This Product Healthy?


P.E. & Health  


8, 9, 10  

The step-by-step teacher directions and PowerPoint for this lesson is attached.

Ever had a student ask, “Is this product “healthy?”

This lesson includes everything students should know about reading food labels and gives the formulas to figure out if a food is healthy enough to be in school vending machine (if a school is classified as a “Healthy School” a product must be less than 35% fat end less than 35% sugar, or no more than 15 grams of sugar).

Have fun with this easy to follow lesson that teaches skills students will use for life!!

The lesson starts with a 22-slide PowerPoint lesson and follows up with a worksheet where each student will pick a product or label and read it on their own.

28 pages of step-by-step teacher directions follow along with the PowerPoint and make teaching this lesson easy!

The PowerPoint will teach students how manufacturers may try to deceive consumers and why it’s important to know how to discern the information on a label (beware of unrealistic serving sizes, deceptive servings per container, misleading container information, etc). Students will learn how to pick what’s worth reading on a food label and how to understand a food label.


See attached.

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Teacher Directions in PDF  [DOWNLOAD], Teacher Directions in Word if you want to edit  [DOWNLOAD], Food_Label_Reading_PowerPoint  [DOWNLOAD]