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Foreign intrigue

Title – Foreign intrigue

By –

In the middle of a grading period of the Mythology elective I teach, I was given a darling Asian child. She was timid, said next to nothing and when she did, one could barely hear her. She was doing miserably and so I went to her guidance counselor only to find that she had been mistakenly placed in my class instead of an English Regular class. She had not shown up for a report she was supposed to do with her group, and I felt she didn’t belong in the class and suggested she be moved to something with less reading. At that time I was also informed that since she was in my class, I was responsible for 300 hours of ESOL which doesn’t even exist. I also found out that her father had denied her the right to attend a school that catered to foreign students so that she would be forced to fit in quicker. When I heard all of this, I decided to talk to the girl. I told her that I would give her a week to make up all of her work and do the oral report for me after school. The report was one of the best I’ve ever heard from a student and every paper and test that she made up was “A” quality. She blossomed over the next few weeks and we are now best friends. I ended up having her in my English class the following term and she continued to shine in her academic work and gained much self confidence. Taking the time to connect with a student who poses a real challenge can be very rewarding.


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