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Fun, Free Halloween Lesson Plans for the Fall Season




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

cartoon of children dressed in costumesAs the weather turns cold or at least cooler, many children start counting the days until Halloween. This quirky holiday can be a source of confusion for some children. Educators that teach a classroom of culturally diverse students should approach lessons built around Halloween with sensitivity.

The majority of students in the United States probably consider the holiday purely secular; however, some religious connotations do exist, both positive and negative. Many schools have fall festivals rather than focusing on Halloween.

Teachers can bring pumpkins into the classroom to discuss seasonal food crops, weather patterns, cultural traditions and global differences. Crafting lesson plans that use the popular orange squash is fun and engaging for children from kindergarten through early elementary grades.

The five lesson plans below are examples of ways to welcome all and have fun learning across disciplines. If October 31st is a sensitive topic, “fall” or “autumn” can be swapped for Halloween themes in these plans.

A Juicy, Succulent, Interesting, and Sensational Halloween Poetry Mini-lesson

Use poetry to reinforce language arts skills for third graders. The plans include classroom discussion and a writing project based on a seasonal poem burgeoning with descriptive words and synonyms. Three primary objectives are:

  • Students will apply poetic structure and techniques to write a poem.
  • Students will create a mental vision based on descriptive words heard in a poem.
  • Students will create a picture using descriptive words in their own poem.

Monster Mash RSVP: Creating Halloween Party Invitations, Name Tags and Stickers

Designed as a computer/technology activity, this party-planning exercise also uses art and language skills. Students will design invitations, name tags and stickers for a Halloween party. Teacher involvement includes instructions and assistance as needed to use word processing software, printer applications and clip art.

The Pumpkin Numbers Game

Pumpkins and numbers go hand-in-hand in the Pumpkin Numbers Game for children in kindergarten through first grade. The game teaches young students how to keep score and play a game in pairs. When paired with a few spooky stories, this lesson plan really adds up!

Experimenting with Sound: The Magic School Bus and the Haunted Museum

Children take a spooky ride on the Magic School Bus by watching a video. The video, a slinky and sound centers all work together to teach students about sound vibrations and the scientific nature of echoes. Components of this lesson apply to language arts, computer/technology, music and science. Teachers can test student knowledge and help students build on conceptualization skills related to sound.

Halloween Geography: Plotting Continents and Oceans on a Pumpkin

Using a pumpkin as a blank globe, students use their prior knowledge about oceans and continents to decorate their globes with proper land and sea representations. Using templates, students add features to create globes; then discuss why a round surface is a better visual likeness than a flat map of the world.

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