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Google This

Sometimes I think that the American news media likes to rub our noses in the recession.  They seem to go to great lengths to illustrate to ever widening gap between the haves and have-nots.  Case in point, this week’s coverage of Google’s latest gimmick — giving all 23,000 employees a ten percent raise along with a tax free Holiday bonus.  As if the employees of Google weren’t perked enough.  Meanwhile, my colleagues and I are working harder than ever with less than adequate resources for five percent LESS this year.  Huh!  Teaching the future vs. creating new software; affecting society vs. increasing our dependence on technology; helping sustain a nation of educated, independent thinkers vs. helping Google to acquire another billion dollars.  Where have the priorities of this nation disappeared to?

According to the news article that I read, Google is extending such generosity so that they appear more desirable to top talent.  Seems as though a six-figure income isn’t enough of a lure for some (greedy?) software specialists.  It seems a shame that there are teachers ten times as “talented” as those software geeks who would be delighted to give up unemployment for a job paying half that much. 

If Google really wanted to secure top talent they would create a start up like no other — a “Google Educational Center” where they can “home grow” their own future talent.  Or adopt a public school system that they can help reform by making creativity and innovation the core of the curriculum.  If Google was truly interested in investing in the future they would stop throwing buckets of money at today’s software engineers and start cultivating tomorrow’s geniuses instead.

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