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Gorilla – Visual Analysis


Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Start lesson with greeting and prayer.

Students have 30 seconds to look at the back wall covered in visual technique posters which had been created the previous lesson. 

Students are then tested on their ability to recall and name all ten visual techniques as well as their definitions. For students who remember three or more techniques, points are given on their points tally. For those who remember two or more defintitions, points are awarded. 

Hand out colour photocopy of image of Gorilla 

'Gorilla' - Anthony Browne

Display image on the front board so all students can see the picture clearly. 

Questions to answer: 

1. What is happening in this picture? 

2. What characters and objects can be seen in the frame?

3. Where is the picture setting?

4. What emotions are found in the image?

5. Do you like or dislike this image? Why or why not?

Visual Analysis Techniques: 

– Colour

– Layout

– Saturation

– Symbolism

– Salience

– Gaze (offered)

– Gaze (demand)

– Reading Path

– Framing

– Vector Lines

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