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4, 5  

Teacher; Samina Naz

Subject: Science

Topic: Habitat (flora and fauna)

Time: 180 mins


Students should be able to:

  • Observe and identify different kinds of animals (fauna) and plants (flora) in their school area by recording movie and taking pictures.
  • Present their findings using a presentation tool
  • Plan(Methodology)

Day 1:

Pre- comp:

    • Elicit meaning of flora and fauna from the pupils.
    • In pairs (each partner will have 2 minutes to talk and listen), they will be asked to talk about the flora and fauna which are found in their habitat.( social and listening skills}
    • Random feedback will be taken.
    • They will work in five main groups (A, B, C, D, E) 5 or 6 members in each group. Different school areas will be allotted to each group to explore flora and fauna. They will capture their photographs using their cell phones and digital camera.( team work)

On computer:

    • They will be asked to upload their pictures on computers in the lab. (learners pride in their own work)

Day 2:

On computer:

    • Recap of the previous lesson. Pupils will further divided into pairs or group of three. They will be given task to make presentation of their findings about flora and fauna using their picture taken by them on Movie Maker. I will save their pictures on the desktop and labeled the computers according to the groups.
    • They will use Movie Maker first time so I will provide them a word processed handout to use movie maker or they can use ‘Help” option in ‘Movie Maker’. (thinking, and literacy skills)
    • They will complete their task using picture from the desktop. (Pride in their own work). They will upload their work on YouTube or their wiki,
    • They will present their presentation in front of the class. (Presentation skills, self confidence).

Pre compute:

Feedback of the activity will be taken through questions e.g., Which organism was found more than one habitat?


Students will be asked to pick up the patterns .E.g. some common organisms found in more than one habitat. Explore the reasons.


  • Different habitats in the school area
  • Soft brushes
  • Digital Camera (School property)
  • Cell phones (4) (Permission will be taken from the parents for the cell phones. Four pupils will be selected for this purpose.)
  • Computer Lab
  • Resource room
  • Handout on how to use Movie Maker
  • Movie Maker
  • Internet connection

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

    • Identify flora and fauna in the provided area and capture relevant picture in their own groups.
    • Use the pictures of flora and fauna to make presentation on Movie Maker independently using word processed handout or help option in Movie Maker.
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Fora and fauna  [DOWNLOAD]