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10, 11, 12  

The Colonization of Mars
Group Projects: The Web Page

Your group has been assigned the project of designing an Internet Web Page that people from all over the world will see. Therefore, you must organize the web page in a logical manner and make it interesting for others to look at. Remember that the purpose of the web page is to educate other people on why we, as a class, believe Mars should be colonized and how we think it should be done. Listed below are the guidelines for your web page as well as some suggestions.

Materials to be used:
Microsoft Publisher 98
Project Research Sheets from all groups
Pictures taken in class
Letters to NASA and the President of the United States

Your web page must include all the following:
1. A title page or homepage
2. A paragraph identifying who we are: name of the school, city, state, teacher, and who designed this web page.
3. A paragraph explaining what this unit is about and why we believe that Mars should be colonized.
4. You must write the list of topics that the class researched and include the answers that you all believe were the best ones in the class. That means that you must read each groups ideas and explanations to find the ones you believe would help our mission to be most successful.
5. You must scan at least 5 pictures taken of your classmates as they worked on this project and include them in your web page.
6. You must include at least 3 links to other solar system or Mars internet pages that you found to be helpful, fun, or interesting.
7. You must include a section labeled “Organizations And Individuals To Whom We Have Written” and include the letters written to NASA and the President of the United States.
8. Once you are finished with these guidelines you must receive class approval of your design.

1. Each member of the group should choose a part of the web page to design.

A. One person could write the title of the web page and the introductory paragraph.
B. One person could write what the unit is about and why we believe Mars should be colonized.
C. One person could write the list of topics on a clean sheet of paper and copy the answers from the research sheets that the group has decided are the best.
D. One person could choose the top 15 pictures taken in class and be responsible for scanning the images into the computer once the group has picked the best 5 pictures.
E. One person could look for the 6 best solar system or Mars sites on the internet and be responsible for creating the links to those pages.
F. One person could make sure that the letters to NASA and the President of the United States are spelled correctly, use appropriate punctuation, and then type it into the computer to be added to the web page.

2. You should design your web page on regular paper first before trying to design it on the computer.
3. Save your work on the computer often.
4. Take your responsibilities seriously because others are counting on you.
5. Have fun!


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