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Here students are inspired by educational travel

Educational travel is an experience like no other that enables students to learn beyond classroom walls. Students who participate in educational travel benefit from exposure to new people, experiences, and cultures. Along with a better understanding of subject material, travel can also provide opportunities for students to grow in self-confidence and independence. Most importantly, students will remember their educational travel program for the rest of their lives.

When 8 th grade teacher, Cathy, reached out to some of her former students, she got the following email response from an accomplished young lady about how her WorldStrides Washington, D.C., program truly impacted her life. This is an incredibly inspirational story and just one example of how educational travel can make a difference in students’ lives!

November 20, 2008

Hi Cathy,

Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Of course I remember you! The [WorldStrides] Washington, D.C., trip had such a tremendous impact on my career choices. I was so inspired during that trip that, in my mind, I knew I was destined to return, and I did. During my senior year as an undergraduate student, I was accepted into a fellowship program in Washington, D.C. In fact, I’ll be returning to D.C. to attend the Inauguration in January, which should be particularly unforgettable. Once my fellowship expired, I was offered a permanent position on Capitol Hill. After working on Capitol Hill, I was offered another position as a legal researcher. I declined the offer because the California State Assembly had a better offer, which turned out to be a much better venture for me. Since accepting the position with the State Assembly I have been involved in several aspects of politics, from running political campaigns to coordinating political fundraisers. Throughout my experience, I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. While my time in the Assembly has been great, I’ve recently accepted a position with the California State Senate. I am completely entrenched in all levels of politics and, for the most part, enjoy it very much.

I cannot convey to you enough how influential that 8th grade Washington, D.C., trip was for me. It was definitely money well spent. Initially my parents were reluctant to pay for the trip because it didn’t seem to be a financially sound decision. Needless to say, that was one of the best financial decisions that my parents ever made. That trip was inspiring, motivating, and without a doubt, memorable.

I’m glad that you still coordinate that excursion; you made it incredibly unforgettable. In all honesty, you made the experience very enriching. Thank you for your commitment in continuing to partake in this program. You never know what shy, timid, awkward, and unconfident 8th grade student might be quietly inspired by going on that trip!

My apologies for the lengthy email. Plenty has happened since 8th grade!

Best regards,

Field Representative
California State Assembly

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