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How Cutting Calories Leads to Weight Loss


P.E. & Health  


8, 9, 10  

This lesson includes step-by-step teacher directions and 3 PowerPoints that walk you through the lesson 


Equipment Needed:

“Joe’s Cutting Calories” PowerPoint Presentation  (attached)


Joe’s Cutting Calories” worksheet (1 for each pair of students) (attached)

Food label sheets (1 for each pair of students) (attached)

Optional:  weight scale and height chart to check own height (I have just used a sharpie and put the height chart on the side on my bulletin board so I always have it :)


Lessons Directions:

1.  I introduce my nutrition unit with the CDC’s obesity rates by state PowerPoint. (a copy is attached)

2. Think/Pair/Share:

“Why do you think Americans are becoming more and more overweight?”  Students can turn and share with their table partner if you have time, and/or have a class discussion

3. Go over the reasons too many Americans are overweight slides on PowerPoint.  When you get to the portion sizes information, you can show the Portion Distortion Slide Show. (a copy is attached)

4. Next I discuss the three main nutrients: Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates.  I cover that idea that the bottomline to weight loss or gain is calories in or out (and family genetics) 

5. Ask students if anyone knows how many calories they should eat.  Many will say “2000” so I discuss how the food label says 2000 but that is an “average.”  I tell them we are going to figure out EXACTLY how many calories they need, but first they must get their height and weight.  Stress the importance of the correct weight; it’s needed for almost every formula in nutrition.

6. They get height and weight on own around your room.  When everyone is done, talk about the weight range chart and that I don’t want anyone leaving depressed…rather be motivated.  If they want to lose weight they should rather think of it as “eating healthy” and choose a plan they can do for LIFE.

7. Go through formula for calories with one student example on the board.  After everyone is done I take the time to walk around and check each students (you’ll find several mistakes) Next I cover the healthy way to drop weight at 1-2 lbs. per week, the “set point theory” and “yo-yo” dieting.” 

8. Show how it’s unhealthy and impossible to lose 10 pounds in 10 days like some ads claim.

9. Hand out “Joe’s Cutting Calories” worksheet and 1 set of food labels for each pair of students. Go over the direction PowerPoint slides for “Joe’s Cutting Calories” worksheet (you may need to finish the worksheet tomorrow.) 

Point out that two of the labels have more than 1 serving per container and Joe is eating the whole thing so they’ll need to multiply the calories by how ever many servings there are.  There are no right or wrong answers and they can drop 4 items or 1 item, it’s their choice. 

10. Students will discuss with their partner how they want to have Joe drop 500 calories.  When everyone is done I go around the room and have students share out.  I question why they chose the foods they did and why Joe might have a hard time with their solution, or why it is a good idea, etc. 

11.  I conclude with the PowerPoint slides on how Joe could actually just have 1/2 a box of Mac n’ Cheese and he could do that for life…How it’s all about healthy choices you can sustain, and not about a fad diet.  



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Teacher Directions in PDF  [DOWNLOAD], Teacher Directions in Word if you want to edit it  [DOWNLOAD], Cutting_Calories_PowerPoint_2.28.13  [DOWNLOAD], Obestiy_PowerPoint  [DOWNLOAD], Portion_Sizes_Power  [DOWNLOAD]