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How do you make a stuffed cat?-A sequencing activity.


Language Arts  


K, 1  

Can you help Ella Louise make her cat?

A sequencing activity

Grade range: K-1

Time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Subjects/skills addressed: language arts, sequencing, cutting

Objective: Students will place the steps to create a stuffed cat in the correct order. Students will match a picture to the corresponding sentence.

Materials needed:

Printouts of activity sheets provided

Copy of the book, Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer (optional)

Scissors and glue

Words to know: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth


1. Read and discuss the story, Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer.

Ask: What did Ella use to make her cat? If she didn’t have any cattail seeds to fill her cat, what else could she have used?

2. Show the students the pictures on the first worksheet. Discuss the order of the steps.

Ask: What sentence could you say for the first picture? The second? etc.

3. Read the sentences on the second sheet to the students, identifying which picture goes with each sentence.

4. Students will then cut and paste the pictures in the proper order on the sheet.

Follow-up Fun: Students can either make their own stuffed creations with felt and stuffing or use lacing cards to practice up and down stitches.

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The attached file includes printed instructions as well as 2 worksheets to complete the activity.  [DOWNLOAD]