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National Teacher Appreciation Week: How to #ThankATeacher


By Pamela Moreland

Before the week–National Teacher Appreciation Week, that is– gets away from us, let’s thank a teacher.

Yes, even if you are a teacher, thank a teacher who inspired you to take this challenging career.

Thank the teacher who guided you through student teacher.

Thank the teacher who has the room next to yours.

Thank the teacher who took your playground duty shift on a rainy day.

All of this gratitude is part of National Teacher Appreciation Week. This week is a chance to step back and put the spotlight on the men and women who give so much to the youngest and most eager to learn members of our society.

Here are some resources–old school and 21st century–to help show appreciation to the teachers in your life.

Parents: Take the NEA pledge to support the nation’s schools.

Teachers: Upload your photos  inspirational teaching and classroom to the Carnegie Corporation site and you might win $3,500 for your favorite school.

Students: Use your social media skills to let the teachers in your life know that you appreciate what they do for you.

  •  How to show your support on Facebook
  • Use this #ThankATeacher  on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and follow the Teacher Appreciation community

National PTA Recommendations

·         Write letters and cards of appreciation to your students’ teachers throughout the week and ask you students’ teachers how you can support them throughout the year.

·         Show your support for the tremendous work teachers do by volunteering in your students’ classrooms.

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