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How to use Infographics as a Teaching Tool

An infographic, which is a combination of words and images designed to explain a concept, can be an excellent teaching tool. Since infographics are available all over the Internet, they not only fill the Common Core State Standards’ requirement of teaching students through visual images, but they can also serve as a vehicle for integrating education technology into the curriculum. Although many infographics are self-explanatory, students still need guidance from the teacher to get the maximum benefit from these eLearning tools. Below are some strategies that educators can use to teach infographics in the classroom.

Develop Data

Most infographics are designed to stand alone. However, students can deepen their understanding of the graphic by developing some data that would support the points made in the graphic.

Create a Poll

Ask students to develop a sample poll composed of questions that the creators of the infographic may have used to obtain the data needed to make it. Then, let the students poll one another or the other people in the school to see if the results match those depicted in the infographic.

Write a Story

Infographics often describe characteristics of a given population. To help students better understand this population, ask them to write a story describing one of the people who may have participated in the study that led to the infographic.

Answer Questions

Ask students to answer relevant questions, such as the following:

1. Locate evidence of bias in the infographic.

2. Determine the population of interest.

3. Calculate the median and mean.

4. Create tables of data.

5. Answer multiple choice or true/false statements created by the teacher.

6. Draw conclusions and make predictions on the data.

Create a Word Problem

Ask students to create word problems that other students can answer based on the infographic.

List Observations

Ask students to list observations about the data in the infographic.


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