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Inspiring Teachers That Are Changing the World, One Classroom at a Time

Education is paramount to succeed in our society. An educated child has a better chance in obtaining everything that they want in their lives, such as finding their dream career, having a fulfilling social lifestyle, and creating innovative technologies that help our society. This education starts in the classroom, and that is where teachers come in. Teachers inspire knowledge and creativity during the first 13 years of a your child’s life. Through classroom activities and extracurricular projects, teachers expand the minds of children so they can become responsible and educated adults.

There are some teachers who are making a difference with every child in their school.They are coming up with innovative ways in teaching that can be used by other teachers and school districts. These inspiring teachers are spreading their innovations by blogging about it over the Internet. Here are three teachers who are spreading their knowledge to other educators, parents, and students.

The Teacher Palette

In a day and age where schools are losing their art and music programs due to budget cuts, it’s becoming more important for teachers to manage their time and come up with enjoyable art and music activities so that they can bring out a child’s creative side. At The Teacher Palette, art educators can collaborate on projects and technologies that further art and music education.

Owned by teachers Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, the blog allows art educators to provide important resource information through guest blog posts. Readers can learn about classroom management, how to use apps and different electronic devices in their art classes, and read product reviews made by teachers concerning art games and multimedia items.

Integrating Tech

Teacher Scott Snyder has a simple mission: show teachers how to fully utilize the available apps and Internet social media platforms to stimulate student discussion in the classroom. His blog, Integrating Tech, aims to turn regular classrooms into 21st century classrooms integrating the latest technologies into lessons. He shows teachers how to use tweeting and chat rooms to conduct silent classroom discussions during prepared seminars, as he poses questions to students who provide answers by tweets or other web-based applications.

His blog discusses his techniques and what works or hasn’t worked in his classroom. Readers can gain valuable information on how they can use these similar techniques, such as Skype and Chatzy, with their own students.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Student communication and interaction should not be restricted to just the classroom. In this technological age, students all around the world can collaborate with each other while learning about other cultures. Teacher Vicki Davis strives for this global interaction by developing the Flat Classroom Project, which allows teachers and students to use Web 2.0 tools to form global interactions with other classes.

Vicki Davis runs a blog, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, talking about her personal life while integrating important resources and information for people to become better teachers and utilize tools in their classrooms.

Blogging Teachers Are Improving Classes

A great time has arrived where teachers can not only educate their students, but provide information about the lesson plans and resources they use to help other teachers around the globe. By using the blogging platform, they can reach out to the world and give details about their tested projects and activities.

These teachers are showing that social media and electronics should no longer be restricted for leisure activities. With the right trial and error, teachers can use these technologies to educate their students and bring out their innovative sides. And through blogs, they can provide this information to everyone so other teachers can benefit from this knowledge.

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