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6, 7  

1. Teacher will tape a line on the floor across the room and create cards of integers from the -15 to 15 and have the students come up and choose a card and create the number line.

2. Students will place themselves on the number line and the class will go up in groups of 10.

3. Students and the teacher will discuss the spacing, number values, opposites of the numbers and absolute value of the number. 

4. The teacher will cover the rules of negative and postive numbers and practice the concept on the number line with students doing the moves to the correct answers.

5. The relationship of the number spacing will be displayed with certain students in the class with the number the teacher calls out and the students will decide what the answer is to the distance between numbers.

6. The teacher will create equations that the class will have to solve on the number line as a group. First Addition and then Subtraction.

7. The class will complete the textbook homework during class and finish as homework.

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