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It’s Because You’re a Good Teacher.

Title – It’s because you’re a good teacher.
By – Jenny Fleener

I am now a senior at Western Kentucky University expecting graduation in about 8 months. Last year I volunteered in a kindergarten class where one little boy started the year not knowing how to hold a pencil, scissors, say his alphabet, or even count to ten. As the year went on he didn’t seem to be catching on to concepts being taught in class and he never had time to “play” during center time because he always had work to finish. His teachers began finishing his work for him with the attitude that it didn’t matter because he’d be there again the next year. I continued, however, to emphasize to him that it was very important for HIM to do his work and that I would help, but I would not do it for him.

Near the end of the year we went through the same routine. I told him I wanted him to have time to “play” but I still would not do the work for him. He spent a few minutes pouting and I again told him, “You are a smart boy and you can do it if you will quit pouting and do it. I want you to have time to play, but this is your decision, you can finish the work and play or you can sit there and pout.” (I know some kids wouldn’t take this well; however, I had been in the class long enough to know that he spent more time pouting than working and when he worked he could do it.)

This was the day he finished his work and got to “play.” I was so excited and bragged on him so much about how well he did once he tried to do it. When that kindergartener looked up at me and said, “Mrs. Jennifer, it’s because you’re such a good teacher,” my heart melted.

Since then I have had very many frustrating experiences with professors and other students, but I always go back to that one little boy and the feeling I had when he gave me credit for his success. I know I have made a difference in at least one child’s life and that is all I have ever wanted to do. This is the inspiration that keeps me striving to be the best teacher possible.

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