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It’s Your Choice

Title – It’s Your Choice

By – Jennifer Ponsart

Teaching middle school can be a challenge for some and a great pleasure for others. I love it because my students can begin to make their own choices about which way their lives are headed.

I had a student who came into my office last week. She was very concerned about her grade in my class. As an 8th grader preparing for the trials of high school, she knows that she needs to do well. Her grade was slowly slipping below average. This student decided it was time to get to work and find out what she needed to do to pass. So Friday afternoon she came to speak with me.

I told her that all she needed to do was complete the assignments that I had given her. I reminded her that at the beginning of the year I told the class:

    It’s your choice! You choose your attitude. You choose how successful you will be in life. It’s not us teachers, or your parents, or any other adult. We are here to guide you. Ultimately it is your choice!

The student remembered that topic from the beginning of the year. I reminded her that it was possible to meet her goals. She spoke about how she wanted to make her mother proud. I kindly reminded her that it was her choice to make those who mattered most in her life proud of her.

Now when she walks past me, she reminds me that she is going to raise her grade because it is her choice.


Jennifer Ponsart

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