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“John”, “Adam”, and God

Title – “John”, “Adam”, and God
By – Doug Suess

Having taught nearly eight years now, I could probably write a small book on interesting stories. However, I have to stick with the one that started it all. I was attending college at Marshall University in West Virginia. I was in the field of elementary education, but had not quite gotten to the student teaching level yet. Being somewhat in a rut in my college career, I wondered if teaching was really the right choice for me. I decided to speak with my advisor about volunteering in a local elementary school in order to see if teaching was really what I wanted to do. I tutored three groups of kids at a local school for a few weeks. It was interesting, but I guess I wanted to know if I was really making a difference, or just pleasing myself by being there. Well, one night, I got on my knees and asked God to show me if I was making a difference there. The next day, I tutored my first group. Nothing much there, as they came and went. The time flew by with my second group, and nothing. The third tutoring session, I must admit, had been my favorite, as the two boys – “John” and “Adam” – were a couple of interesting kids to tutor. They usually made it fun. Well, I was on the way to pick them up from their classroom, when their teacher met me in the hall before I got there. She almost ran up to me and had something to say, which I will never forget:, “Doug, I just wanted you to know that “John’s” test scores have really gone up since you’ve been here. He doesn’t have a father, and is sometimes in an abusive situation with his mother. He really loves you!”

WOW…this was a definite confirmation for me. I’ll always remember those two boys, that school, and that teacher. I am so thankful to God for having answered my prayer.

Teaching kids is where I really feel at home. I plan on doing it for quite awhile!

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