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Kite-Making Activity Sheet


Social Studies  



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Ben and Me

Kite-making Activity Sheet

Kite designer: __________________________________


1. You will make a diamond shaped kite like the sample on the next page.

2. On one side divide the diamond into for sections–look at the board for a sample.

A. In the upper left section, you must include the name of the book, the author, and a drawing that you

would put on the cover of the book.

B. In the upper right section, you must list all the main characters.

C. In the lower left section, you must list all the inventions that Benjamin Franklin created, with Amos’

help of course.

D. In the lower right section, you must write your full name and the date.

3. On the second side draw a Venn Diagram–Look at the sample on the board.

A. At the top of one circle write Ben.

B. At the top of the other circle write your name.

C. In Ben’s circle describe Benjamin Franklin’s character. This can be done as a list of descriptive

words or phrases. You do not have to use complete sentences.

D. In the circle with your name on it, describe your self. This can be done as a list of descriptive words

or phrases. You do not have to use complete sentences.

E. In the middle where the circles cross, write things that you and Benjamin Franklin have in common.

4. On the first tail, you must write everything that you have learned about Benjamin Franklin.

5. On the second tail, you must list the events listed below in their correct sequence.

6. On the third tail, you can decorate as you wish.

7. All the items listed on the next page must be checked off in order for you to be completely done with

the kite.

Follow along on the checklist and cross off each item you have completed.


1. Cut diamond shape out of poster board.

2. Divide diamond into four sections (see example).

3. Upper left section must have title and author of book.

4. Upper right section must have list of main characters.

5. Lower left section must have a list of all the inventions mentioned in the book.

6. Lower right section must have your full name and date.

7. On second side draw a Venn Diagram–look at the board.

8. List descriptions of Benjamin in his circle.

9. List descriptions of yourself in your circle.

10. List similarities between you and Benjamin in the middle where the circles cross.

11. Tail one must have at least five complete sentences about what you learned

about Benjamin

12. On tail two, you should write down the events, as listed below, in their proper

sequence of occurrence:

A. The Battle of Versailles

B. The kite incident

C. Poor Richard’s Almanack

D. Madame Brillon’s headdress

E. Ben’s first trip to England

F. Lightning-rods

G. The dog that stole Ben’s cap

H. Amos leaves his family

I. A hero returns home

J. First trip to France

K. Meeting General George Washington

13. Tail three can be decorated as you please.

14. Glue the three tails to the bottom of the kite.

15. Decorate the rest of the kite.

16. Done.

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