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Five Christmas Senses Poem


Language Arts  


PreK, K  

By – Elaine Engerdahl



  • Children will understand the concept that the use of their five senses is important in their daily lives.
  • Children will gain a better understanding of phonemic awareness by being introduced to the rhymes within the poem.
  • Children will be able to apply what they have learned through reading the poem and the related follow-up activities.



  • Overhead transparency or chart paper to display My Five Christmas Senses Poem
  • PowerPoint or projector (optional)


I see the Christmas tree 
And children on Santa’s knee 
I smell the cookies I make
And the Christmas cake
I hear bells ringing
And children singing
I taste the Christmas sweets
And all the other treats 
I feel the Christmas toys 
Made for girls and boys 


Lesson Plan:

The teacher will present the poem My Five Christmas Senses Poem for shared reading. The poem is used to discuss the five senses and introduce rhyme as a phonemic awareness activity.


Follow-up Activities:

Find other words that rhyme with the ones in the poem (similar word families). Make a predictable chart with the children finishing the sentence.


At Christmas I taste turkey. (By Sarah)

At Christmas I see lights. (By Rebecca)

The sentences the students dictate can be printed or typed and placed in the writing Center. The student glues their sentences on a piece of paper and illustrates it. This can be made into a class big book.

These illustrations and sentences can also be scanned and made into PowerPoint presentations. Using the projector, the students can read their sentence or sentences to their parents for an entertaining evening. Combine this with singing Christmas songs.

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