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This lesson plan is on Abstract Nouns (as well as other Nouns)


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7  

Title – Abstract Nouns
By – Nicole Gorman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 5-7
40 Minutes

Objective: SWBAT recognize concrete and abstract nouns. SWBAT symbolize abstract nouns.

NJ Core Content Standards that will be addressed:
— Language Arts 3.2: All students will listen actively to info from a variety of sources.
— Language Arts 3.5: All students will view, understand, and use nontextual visual information.

Multiple Intelligences that will be addressed:
— Verbal/Linguistic
— Intrapersonal
— Visual/Spatial
— Interpersonal
— Musical

Anticipatory Set: Play the noun song and instruct students to predict what today’s lesson will be about and to record the important information that the song provides that they would like to bring into the lesson. Review different types of nouns (singular/plural; common/proper) using overhead transparency.

Sequenced Instructional Strategies:
1. Have a student explain to the rest of the class what a scavenger hunt is. Display list of nouns and have a scavenger hunt.

2. Go through noun list and check off each that was found. After going through list question students as to why the abstract nouns weren’t found. Have a student look in dictionary to make sure they are nouns. Create disequilibrium.

3. Explain difference between concrete and abstract nouns. Allow the students to provide their own interpretations by giving them a hint that the nouns on the list that they were able to find are concrete.

4. Introduce symbolism – show a heart, the color blue and music symbol on the overhead projector and ask students to share their ideas about which nouns they may match.

5. Ask students to choose their own abstract noun and draw a symbol for it. Share.

6. If time permits allow students to work with magnetic poetry creating poems about an abstract noun.

Closure: Review – types of nouns – singular/plural; common/proper; concrete/abstract. Take Questions. Do class Madlibs.

Evaluation: Note students’ response to the song. Note students’ response to scavenger hunt. Note students’ drawings of abstract nouns. If time permits, note students’ ability to create a poem about an abstract noun. Note students’ ability to provide different types of nouns for the Madlibs.

Materials, Supplies & Resources: CD, overhead projections, scavenger hunt list, scavenger hunt materials, dictionary, symbols, paper, crayons/markers, magnetic poetry boards, Madlibs.

Reflective Evaluation:

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