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This lesson idea combines adverbs of frequency (always, sometimes, rarely, or never) with interviewing


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title – Adverbs of Frequency & Interviewing

By – Sharon Taylor

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – 4-5

Adverbs of frequency or that tell “how much” include always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, never.

As part of a unit on adverbs and teaching grammar in the context of writing, I include a day lesson on adverbs of frequency. I make a chart on the board (or you can make one for the students) with columns for the above adverbs.

Students then pair up and interview one another – asking questions about “how much” they do different things, such as homework, chores, shop and read or listen to music, talk on the telephone, get on computer, play video games, play sports, attend concerts. Students complete chart (and take notes) as they are interviewing.

I role play interviewing a student, so they can see how to question them and obtain something interesting enough to include in their writing.

Students are then to write a paragraph about the person they interviewed. They are instructed to include one of the adverbs of frequency in each sentence in their writing.

Students then are asked to share their paragraphs.


Sharon Taylor


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