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Here is another alphabet game


Language Arts  


PreK, K, 1  

   Language Arts
Alphabet Game
by Christopher Faulkner
Saint Joseph College
West Hartford, CT
Adapted from a lesson by Julie Van Osdol, Kindergarten coordinator/teacher
Pocatello, Idaho

Objective: Student will be able to identify letters in the alphabet and pronounce them phonetically correct.

Set/Initiation: Read an alphabet book that gives examples of things that start with each letter. Suggest to children that they could come up with their own words for each letter.


1. Sitting in chairs in a circle, children choose an alphabet card out of a container. After handing out cards, start with child that picked first card and have him/her identify the letter and give a word that starts with that letter. Progress in same order that cards were handed out and have each child identify letter and give a word that stars with that letter.

2. Next, have children stand up and place their card on their chair. Play some music and have children march around circle while music plays. When teacher stops music, student takes the card on whatever chair is in front of them, sits down, and repeats (1.)

Closure: While collecting alphabet cards, compliment children on their great choice of words ask them to think about what their favorites were for each letter. When cards are collected hold up each letter and choose 2-3 children for each letter to give their favorite word that they said or heard. If you plan to follow up with alphabet book lesson, ask them if they would like to make a book of their favorite things for each letter.

Evaluation: While children are playing game, take notes of children who are pronouncing letters correctly, who is having troubles pronouncing the letter, and who is having problems coming up with words.

Materials: Alphabet Cards, alphabet book, music, container.

   Submitted by: Christopher Faulkner (
Saint Joseph College
West Hartford, CT

Objective: Children will be able to recall a word for each letter in the alphabet, be able to write the letter in uppercase and lowercase, and be able to pronounce that letter correctly in each word.

Set/Initiation: Read an exceptional alphabet book that has been created in your classroom previously by a student or read an alphabet book that has not been read in your classroom. Briefly discuss the alphabet game if this was played previously.


Have children create their own alphabet books. Model the process of making the actual book (Fold construction paper in half and staple to bind, or any other way you would like). Then have children write uppercase and lowercase letters on each page of the book and draw a picture of something that starts with that letter.

Closure/Evaluation: Have a celebration where children get to read their alphabet books to the whole class. They should be able to have a word for each letter and be able to pronounce the word for each picture correctly. Closure could be done during snack-time with cupcakes or cookies that have letters (upper and lower case) of the alphabet written on them (in icing of course!).

Materials: Alphabet book, construction paper, colorful writing implements, stapler, snacks.




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